Why Choose Us

  • VRL Logistic India has a number of branches and warehouses strategically based at major ports and cities across India for co-ordination of daily dispatches and deliveries.
  • Total control over all the activities & operations.
  • Safe & Secure Transportation.
  • Most suitable vehicle and timely deployment for loading.
  • Non-stop movement of the vehicle from the start location to destination.
  • Safe & Faster Delivery for all the consignments.
  • Immediate response to the emergencies by proper and quick remedial actions to ensure timely delivery.
  • More than 15 years of business experience.
  • Complete solution of transportation & warehousing
  • Expertise in the handling of Export/Import cargo
  • Sound & Solid Infrastructure network across India
  • Guaranteed On-time delivery.
  • 24×7 Customer Support
choose us

VRL Logistic India is a privately owned and professionally managed Company, the Company is judiciously invested in our fleet ownership business comprising of 50 trucks. Having self-owned trucks means… low freight, zero chances of thefts, and guaranteed on-time delivery.